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  1. What is the merge and what does it want? Am very curious.
  2. @Patrick Is the script's payment model monthly now or is the store displaying it incorrectly?
  3. Add Explv's Walker to that. It's cheap and a great help!
  4. Hey Guys, Do we have any sales on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?
  5. Hey @PatrickAlso having the same issue like botismusprime. Hoping you can help with break settings.
  6. Hey @Night, The script's Enchant Bolt function is malfunctioning. The script succesfully clicks on the spell to initiate the process but then hangs on the "Make set" screen. Any chance you could look at this please?
  7. Hey Pat, I'm still having trouble with the break manager. It automatically logs me out for "botting for 0 minutes and will break for 0 minutes". Any ideas where I may be going wrong?
  8. Yep! So combine say Potion (1/2/3) dose ->Potion (4) dose etc,,, Normally you have access to decanting NPC in members but Im lacking that in F2P. So it's not that big of an addition (put it lower on the list if your busy with other stuff).
  9. Hey @Czar, Does this support decanting? Also thanks for looking into knife for chocolate bars. Appreciate it!
  10. Banes

    Ban Date

    How many accounts do you even have?!?
  11. Banes

    Ban Date

    You've been banned everyday recently?
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