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Does jagex monitor us?

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Yes they do, at least they did in pre eoc im pretty sure. I remember someone posted on the **** forums his botting achievements and he forgot to block out his name, and he got perm banned few hours later and on the ban it said something like this: "Next time you brag on a botting forum, make sure you hide your ingame name". Im quite confident that it was real. They also monitor sythe as I know few people who got perm banned for trying to sell their accounts and not blocking their in game name.

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To be honest, I highly doubt they give a single flying fuck. They could monitor this forum and every screenshot that is posted 24/7 and still only get 1 ban a month. Seems like an extreme waste of time.
Especially considering a screenshot posted on a botting forum isn't evidence of someone botting - they would still need to rely on their own systems. 
(Otherwise I'd just post screenshots of someone else's accounts to get it banned or smth)

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