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  1. Purchased
  2. Nice prfile screen, gl
  3. Looking to buy totally clean facebook account. Prefer that its older then 2 years. Paying OSRS GP. Discord: Covid19#4021
  4. You forgot to edit out name from 1 place Jk, gl
  5. It has free scripts to and able to use it for free. Not sure what seems to be the issue for you
  6. SOLD! PlayerUp fb transfer PU5139
  7. Disputed member: @CrashIsland Thread Link: Explanation: He claims that he knows mods alot and ive been reported for scamming multiple times. He expected me to go first with 2bil osrs to him this morning. Pretty sure he was intending to do a scam-quit. Noticed a thread where he is selling 0,48/mil and he attempted buying from me 0,48/mil. Not sure what profits hes after. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/6AC31qI Gif of discord UID: 335876299514183680 Sad Life Huh#5459
  8. Got 3bil osrs for sale. Accepting crypto Discord: Covid19#4021
  9. Youre familys mongol? Nice to hear
  10. You will never know some mods dedication.
  11. I take vaccine into my nose
  12. Info: I'm sure many are aware, jagex are having server issues at the moment. There's also mention of a minor rollback with up to 15 minutes progress being lost.
  13. Hes been active on forum but no reply from him.
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