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  1. No other requirements for the account needed, just need a rested account with max combat stats (except prayer). Let me know prices
  2. I need 88-94 mage trained, 85-99 range trained. I have MM2 completed, full void elite, assembler, runepouch, rigour & augury, and bonecrusher necklace with just over 500k charges
  3. Not necessarily looking to sell right now, but what price range would this type of account go for? Stats - most around 70s, combats around 80s Quest Cape Fire Cape Elite Void Graceful Mage Arena 2 Cape Fighter Torso Slayer Helm (i) Rune Pouch D Defender Assembler Salve (ei) Arclight Lumberjack outfit Prospector outfit Angler outfit Rogue outfit Lots of NMZ Points (enough for lots of embued items)
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