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  1. i received all payments this can be close thanks to everyone who helped
  2. Chicks payed me the 100m 07 he redunded me on eldorado asked costumer support. Just waiting to get it on my card. i assume a few days.
  3. i get spammed with emails from someone that is trying to recover the account. @Malcolm [Evidence Hidden]
  4. Today i contacted Chicks and he gave me the account back the email on the account is on mine know. i want to thanks chick gold for able to recover the account back. Also i want to thank the staff of osbot for helping me out. Can u guys remove the feedback i gave to chicks. Thanks in advance.
  5. They going do a recovery attempt. further no update so far.
  6. I never told i want a refund? I just want the account back? @Lost Panda
  7. Its what i thought. its very weird. But still now i dont have any access too the account. I when i bought the account i made a special email for it. Created on the day of the trade. 06/09/2020 i can proof it. my email was spammed with email of password resets. He was the only one knowing the email also. i can post more evidence tommorow. its midnight here. Also i contacted chicks He going to try let his worker recover the account. Thanks in advance @Lost Panda
  8. I bought a med main with jad pet from @Chicks 3 weeks ago offsite. He cleaned the bank and alched untrables. @Chickshe was not the orginal owner. When i contacted him he told me that i may have a virus on a 2 day old pc. Also chicks has workers. He instant replied telling they didnt do it. But didnt want to ask his workers. when i bought the account. on the thread there was mentioned. that the account didnt have a registred email. when i bought the accounts it had a registred email which he had access too. He changed it to my email. My email got spammed with forgot password reset. when i was a sleep. I noticed it just 30 mins ago. when i tried to login to the account. Clearly chicks Dont want to help me. i bought this account for 175 dollars. So i want to warn people to not trade with him for now till this is resolved. [Evidence Hidden]
  9. Got firecape with it it struggles in most waves but it did jad perfect @FrostBug Goodjob
  10. bought this scripts years ago and dispeared out of my scripts selector @FrostBug
  11. i have the same problem recently. i download java 11 because i need it for a other program. i cant manage to run 2 differents java's versions. Now i deleted all java and reinstalling java 8. but osbot still doesnt run.
  12. Looking for accounts that has 48 hours ingame time STATS=doenst matter. BUT NOT HIGH STATS ACCOUNTS
  13. I've already purchased the script Could u send me trial for mort myre fungus? Sick script btw.
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