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  1. Not familiar, they on twitch?
  2. Any good streamers on here? or people that you watch on twitch?
  3. Jordy

    this guy in ge

    that's something else, holy cow. lol
  4. Jordy

    PC Build

    didn't wanna go with the H100I hydro series V2?
  5. Jordy


    upload a pic of the pupper!
  6. Congratulations! keep up the good progress!
  7. Best of luck on this, I'm interested to see the time it takes can you post total account time online from hans once a week?
  8. Looks good, I go rgb for everything lol http://prntscr.com/lvo7x0
  9. Jordy

    Kebos Lowlands

    It's more to do for higher level accounts too and it could change the way magic is ran who knows
  10. Jordy

    Kebos Lowlands

    How do you feel about the new content coming? I'm pretty excited for the new fishing method and if they release the new skill I'll be happy with it as that means more content to grind in the long run.
  11. Jordy

    Eagles Peak

    Holy hell lol you guys are expensive, 1m you supply stam pots and tele tabs/ supplies Jordy#2274 on discord or pm me Starting now /done
  12. Slayer is your best friend, always go to the right slayer master for your level as well. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Slayer_training On F2P kill cows and other shit until 30s and then go onto the barb village until 50 probs p2p do slayer You could also refer to the guides section of the runescape sub forum on here and see if theres anything that helps you
  13. Best of luck it seems like you have what you're doing down, might be able to make more money by selling scripts imo
  14. It'd be perms, my main got permed a while back so if you care about the account stop botting if not then either sell it for cheap or bot it to death
  15. I'll listen You're welcome.
  16. Pretty awesome, are you using this as a money making skiller?
  17. just 1 at a time I've officially gone to 2 at a time sometimes 3 depending on how basic the task is
  18. Is it possible to make a monitoring script to record patterns and mouse behaviors to use and base coding off of that of an actual person who is actually playing?
  19. Jordy


    Hello, I'll be online and questing today if you'd like to have some done I can quote you and help you out. My discord username/tag is Jordy#2274 and I am on the osbot discord chat as well if you're having troubles finding me.
  20. Jordy


    That's awesome It definitely has been riddled with issues and for the pc version of the xbox release they delayed it by a couple of days and I only ever play on pc although I own an xbox one I'd rather use my pc, I have never played an aberration server or scorched so hopefully my buddy will undedicate host one soon as I'm on his extinction server currently, the fact that you can't use other engrams from the other areas is kind of dumb in my opinion but i'm not sure if that is just because of the server that he is running or not
  21. oh goodness now it'll be embedded into my head for a week again
  22. Jordy


    I've never played on an official either just friends who host unofficials from their pc's lol
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