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  1. That can be used to bot on your botting accounts
  2. I recreated your code based on your comments @Override public int onLoop() { if (clayArea.contains(myPlayer())) { } else if (!clayArea.contains(myPlayer())) { } else { this will never be executed } return 1500; } You can either be in the area or not. There is no third option, so the last else block will never get executed.
  3. This value needs to be refreshed every time you try to mine a new rock. Do this in every method that uses this variable.
  4. mirror mode reflects the ban back to jagex so they ban themselves instead
  5. High cpu usage results in high temperature which results in high fan usage. Fan speed can be adjusted from the motherboard settings, tho I'm not sure if you really want to lower it anymore because your cpu is about to melt. I don't understand what the hell are you doing there and how is one client eating up half of your cpu power (on alienware).
  6. I got permanently banned for botting today during those hours but thanks to the rollback I've received the account back ty jagex
  7. Script Kid

    free tbow

    No, that would be the max cash bug which happened a few months ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO_P1HaDIrY
  8. As long as the code runs in the same thread there is no difference between containing everything in one method and splitting the actions into different smaller methods. The only advantages for spitting code are increased modularity, readability and ease of maintenance. Otherwise the VM couldn't give less of a shit if the code is delivered in a single method instead of 10.
  9. Sounds like a fun way to get infected with malware. You should download only from oracle.
  10. Script Kid


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