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Anyone else feel like they are burning out of runescape

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Recently or I should say within this week or so I have been feeling burnt out on runescape, Any fun tips on how not to burn out or at least make the burnt out feeling a bit better? I'ved tried playing other games such as ow, and wow and also watching tv but meh at the end I just end up laying down on my bed hugging my body pillow and staring at my phone :(

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Maybe you are:

1) Playing long hours consistently

2) Not getting enough fresh air

3) Not looking after yourself ie. not showering, brushing & flossing teeth

4) Not enough exercise - they now recommend 3 cardio & weight sessions a week


Who knows? I'm happy questing up and levelling my character, doing slayer tasks, re-living the dream


If you feel you've played too much, take a break! Learn some code, read a book :)

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19 hours ago, nezbomb said:

maybe you should play a less shit game

runescape has become chinese prison simulator


i stopped playing because it got too fucking overwhelming.

Yeah maybe if i could play 9+ hours a day i'd be able to compete and stay top tier. This game is rapidly turning into shit


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