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  1. im pretty sure you need 100 pc to sell on here. but for a price check id say like 10m
  2. any botting can get you banned... but ive had good success with fletching/cooking/ firemaking at wintertodt. many acc to 99 without issue but ive also gotten banned using the same exact technique. I guess theres some luck to the madness
  3. I recently got 3 bans on high total lvl accs 2 of them got 2 day bans and one got a perm right away. all happened in the span of 2 weeks. is jagex getting better at detecting bots or what ive been using the same method ive been using for a long time now. with amazing success. and are acc with temp ban worth anything? even with like 1500+ total lvl?
  4. yup we made a deal to go half pay first then he would give me 20m then id pay next 10$ I payed 10$ and he blocked me on disc. its actually disgusting he would do that for 10$ lmao
  5. a script to get rogues outfit....that's something that everyone needs and is annoying as fuck to get especialy if u wanna run a thieving farm
  6. he scammed me for half lmao...I payed him 10$ and he deleted me on disc
  7. I can do e trans but ur disc is wrong
  8. ima send you a hot chocolate....dunno how hot its going to be when it gets there. let me know
  9. totedem


    without feedback or status its value is low....goodluck!
  10. can I get a trial of this please?
  11. yea ive botted after a 2 day ban and almost instantly the acc gets permed..... the most I went was like 2-3 weeks
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