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  1. nezbomb

    Stealth Quester

    giving monkey madness a shot right now! Finished flawlsesly in an hour flat! edit: woke up the next morning with a 2 day ban, this is fine though since I botted all but 2 quests (holy grail and what lies below) in the span of 48 hours. A nice head start on the new zerker, even if I have to take a 2 day vacation.
  2. nezbomb

    Stealth Quester

    babysitting the bot as it completes underground pass. Had to manually complete the trapdoor-floor-panel section. the bot wasted 4 summer pies by walking on to the same incorrect first tile over and over again (it failed on the middle tile, it tested the first two southern tiles which were fails, then got stuck on the first middle tile). will update this post if there are any more issues with the quest. also consider lowering the # of arrows for addy/rune/amethyst, it buys 3k in the G.E. but you dont need more than a couple hundred to complete the quest bot doesnt use a safespot when killing the last demon (othainian) although it could. quest complete after ~1:15:00, with 32 agility and 17 thieving, 1 prayer 51 hp 50 range. not bad at all, even if I had to babysit. almost 2.8k addy arrows to spare.
  3. Token's Stealth Quester is a lot of fun to use
  4. better to use a ghost mouse recorder for agility in my experience
  5. I haven't done it in a while but the most afk method I have used was full bandos + fury + whip + DFS, doing 1hp absorb method on a customized normal rumble, with an autoclicker on my quick prayers for piety and rapid heal at .555 second interval. I'm sure it would work with obsidian except you will get hit more often due to lower defense bonus, but this really isn't that big of an issue. When I was training my main I was more concerned with AFK than exp rates.
  6. does this support 1 defense/1 prayer builds for f2p? that would be neat. If this ends up supporting range, what about a progressive range safe-spotter?
  7. "I forgot botting was against the rules"
  8. nezbomb


    The account had a 2 day ban from botting Ammonite crabs, which has now expired. Sold Sold
  9. 100% botted strength and range 100% auto clicked magic 95% botted quests this is also a flex but I want to know what its worth also it will be for sale very soon on this website - its already for sale on another
  10. progressive cooking progressive woodcutting and a script gets you 1-53 thieving from any starting level also, any free scripts to fulfil quest requirements for the quests on Token's Stealth Quester would be nice.
  11. I have used a mouse recorder to train agility and it works well enough. you should be safe from bans as long as you don't run the script unsupervised for extended periods. Using it to "afk train" agility and babysit is your best option if you want to minimize the risk of a ban. The way your account could get banned while using a mouse recorder is by falling, or some other obstruction like lag or someone placing a cannon by the start. Once your mouse recording stops gets off track and functioning as intended, your movements begin to look extremely suspect and will likely result in a 2 day manual ban.
  12. script works great for ammonite crabs, but totally freezes when its time to bank. great script though, since one inventory of lobsters can last my pure about 1.5 hrs, so I can babysit the bot to manually sip ranging potions and bank when needed. Edit: got it to bank by placing my attack, reset, and banking spots closer to each other. script works great, except when it comes back from banking and all the crabs are already popped, it will continuously run its reset route until the crabs despawn into rocks. However I love the script the way it is, and since my pure banks about once per hr, it doesnt lower xp/hr by too much. I think the success of this script is due in a large part to its simplicity.
  13. this script is very random. ran it for 4 hours and made 10 k/hr, then i randomly set it up during a drop party and made 500k in 10 minutes. It really depends on drop parties for profit. although, if you set the minimum loot price down, you can make consistent money from people emptying junk from their banks on the floor.
  14. nezbomb

    Stealth Quester

    attempts to buy seasoned sardines for too low, gets stuck (gertrudes cat) I really love this script and its still worth every penny even if I have to babysit. My favorite script ever, by far. The quest which this script needs the most (imo) is The Giant Dwarf. it has low requirements and gives nice xp rewards. Its a great quest for new accounts. This and probably underground pass for making zulrahs. I'm interested to know which quests are in development!
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