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  1. im pretty sure you need 100 pc to sell on here. but for a price check id say like 10m
  2. any botting can get you banned... but ive had good success with fletching/cooking/ firemaking at wintertodt. many acc to 99 without issue but ive also gotten banned using the same exact technique. I guess theres some luck to the madness
  3. I recently got 3 bans on high total lvl accs 2 of them got 2 day bans and one got a perm right away. all happened in the span of 2 weeks. is jagex getting better at detecting bots or what ive been using the same method ive been using for a long time now. with amazing success. and are acc with temp ban worth anything? even with like 1500+ total lvl?
  4. yup we made a deal to go half pay first then he would give me 20m then id pay next 10$ I payed 10$ and he blocked me on disc. its actually disgusting he would do that for 10$ lmao
  5. a script to get rogues outfit....that's something that everyone needs and is annoying as fuck to get especialy if u wanna run a thieving farm
  6. he scammed me for half lmao...I payed him 10$ and he deleted me on disc
  7. I can do e trans but ur disc is wrong
  8. ima send you a hot chocolate....dunno how hot its going to be when it gets there. let me know
  9. totedem


    without feedback or status its value is low....goodluck!
  10. can I get a trial of this please?
  11. yea ive botted after a 2 day ban and almost instantly the acc gets permed..... the most I went was like 2-3 weeks
  12. your absolutely right. I botten an account to like 7 99`s as a member the entire time once I started buying bonds it took about a month to get banned using the exact same techniques I used when I was member. there fucking greedy faggots and if I ever see any of the mods irl ima knock them the fuck out. prob a headbutt to the nose would be my choice.
  13. you my friend, Are an inspiration to us all.
  14. ok now I know everyone talks about being upset about when the client is down why people constantly make threads wondering hats wrong with their scripts blah blah blah. Why don't we fix this simple issue? when the bot is down why not have something on the site stating that? and when its up and running why not mention that instead of having thousands of people complaining and logging in without knowing potentially getting their accounts banned for random things like clicking on something constantly without knowing???
  15. its Thursday man. wait for the devs to update sometimes it updates automatically. sometimes it takes a while.
  16. ive botted several 99`s on a main account.... all it took was one scripters negligence to not update his script even after I told him about the issue to get my acc banned... all it takes is one hiccup bud your never 100% safe
  17. your ip is most likely flagged you will be banned anytime you use a bot.
  18. yes it did it again.. and the acc it happened to got a 2day ban.... a 10 year old acc that had very high total. the logger said 89 this time and I think that means just how much ores are left in sack
  19. sorry for not mentioning... it was full with ore.
  20. so I let this script run today for about two hours.... and it was doing fine when I left it I came back to it constantly spam clicking the fucking sack when the inventory was full,,,,i checked logger and it was doing it for an hour straight the code saying 109 non stop on the logger. goodbye account....
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