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Method to get current absorption points

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12 hours ago, aniki432789 said:

something like:


absorpWidget = getWidgets().get(202, 1, 9);


currentAbsorp = Integer.parseInt(absorpWidget.getMessage());



Take the time to learn and understand how widgets work and how to use them.

Since widget IDs tend to change, you should use something different instead. For example text color, position or something else.

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3 hours ago, HeyImJamie said:

Have you tried getAbsorbtionPoints(); :boge: 


2 hours ago, Juggles said:


convert to int

make sure you remove "," else it will null when at 1,000


as Jamie said above, could just leech off Alek and do getNMZ().leech().getAbsorbPoints

I'll suggest this to @Alek.

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2 hours ago, 01053 said:

    public int getCurrentAbsorptionLevel() {
        final RS2Widget widget = script.getWidgets().get(202, 1, 9);
        if (widget != null && widget.isVisible() && widget.getMessage() != null)
            return Integer.parseInt(widget.getMessage().replace(",", ""));
        return 0;

Should work.

Thanks, I'll write my script this weekend and post it here.

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