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  1. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    Nope, I am no longer supporting any updates for this script and that means it's been taken off the SDN
  2. hey bro does world hopping work? cause mine doesn't .. this is fo puro puro

  3. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    Yep seems like the interface has been updated, will see what I can do.
  4. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    No problem. Tag me when you're ready and I can give you another 24 hour trial.
  5. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    Done. The GP/hr is very dependent on luck, if you find many dragon implings it could be 2-3+m/hr, if unlucky it could be 200-400k/hr. As far as I know it works on mirror mode. I can't comment on ban rates as they also seem to be very luck dependent. You have people botting for days without being caught while others bot for 1 hour and get caught. I've also given you a 24 hour trial.
  6. d0zza


    Turns out there was an issue smithing item sets, this has now been fixed. Should go live within 24 hours.
  7. d0zza


    What items are you smithing? I've tested it myself and it seems to be working perfectly.
  8. d0zza


    No problem, a fix has now been pushed for the new smithing UI update. Should go live within 24 hours.
  9. d0zza


    I was not aware of the new UI changes, will look into fixing this within the next couple days.
  10. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    That's okay, it was back in November of last year. I've given you a new auth, make sure you use it this time
  11. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    You've already had a trial
  12. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    The settings in the GUI should not stop it from walking through the wheat. I used the exact settings you posted above and it worked fine. Are you running osbot on low CPU mode or anything like that?
  13. d0zza

    dPuro Puro

    Hey mate, apologies for the delay. I'm actually unable to reproduce the issue you're facing, I've tried multiple times and the walking works fine for me. Here's a gif :https://gyazo.com/87021f1892663a504ae698125f8952fc
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