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    Turns out there was an issue smithing item sets, this has now been fixed. Should go live within 24 hours.
  2. d0zza


    What items are you smithing? I've tested it myself and it seems to be working perfectly.
  3. d0zza


    No problem, a fix has now been pushed for the new smithing UI update. Should go live within 24 hours.
  4. d0zza


    I was not aware of the new UI changes, will look into fixing this within the next couple days.
  5. d0zza


    Seems to be working fine for me. Which options did you choose in the GUI and can you provide a gif with the logger included?
  6. Instead of using distance as the condition try using myPlayer().getInteracting().equals(otherPlayer) As I'm 90% sure following another player means your player is interacting with them. Of course you'll also have to null check myPlayer().getInteracting().
  7. The issue is that getWalking#walk has a minimum distance threshold of 2 by default, which means it will bring your character to within 2 tiles of the destination then terminate. If you want to get around this you'll have to create the walk event yourself and set the minimum distance threshold to 0 before executing it, you can use the walkExact code that HunterRS posted above to achieve this.
  8. Some things I can see immediately are: Any API interact() call will return a boolean. This will be true when the interaction successfully occurred and false if it failed, combine this with if statements to make sure you're not sleeping when the interaction call failed. Don't use random sleeps, you can definitely use a conditional sleep when waiting for a widget to appear. You don't want to use static IDs to grab widgets as these can change a lot, instead use the widget debugger to find something to filter the widget on, for example the text the widget contains.
  9. That's because when launching through CLI the space in "31 botter" indicates that the next argument has begun. Instead use this CLI param to run the script: -script muler:31-botter Then in your onstart do String thebot = getParameters(); String thebotrep = thebot.replace('-', '\u00A0');
  10. Move these lines: String thebot = getParameters(); String thebotrep = thebot.replace(' ', '\u00A0'); to your onStart
  11. Logging into the browser isn't necessary. Just use your own log in handler and check the position of certain colours when logging in. Each error message is unique which will have a yellow pixel at a unique location, you'll just have to find these positions out and hardcode them in.
  12. d0zza


    Try it out on injection mode. Also please provide a screenshot of the logger and bot if this still happens in injection mode.
  13. d0zza


    Issue has been fixed and the update has been pushed. Should go live within 24 hours.
  14. What you Are Ordering: 10 agility, 10 herblore, 25 thieving, 25 crafting, 25 hunter A Corsair's Curse, Bone Voyage, Digsite Are you Paying Upfront or Using Middle Man (@Decode is the Official Middleman of this Service) : Upfront Do you AGREE do my T.O.S :Yes Your Skype / Discord : Skype: stackmuch Have you Added my Skype / Discord? : Yes
  15. There's no real way to get the text in the username text field but you can use the colour at a certain point to check if a username has been entered.
  16. You can pass a string into .interact(), pass in "Cook" and it'll make sure it chooses this option.
  17. Look's like it's got to do with the OSBot API. Make a bug report.
  18. Make sure to set the break system before starting the script.
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