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VIP Error?

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I have automatically renewing VIP and ran into this last night: cvqd8GEwRP2A8aDbfYDd4Q.png

My billing date isn't until the end of the month either.

It knocked out ~20 clients and left a couple still running. This is across a PC and two VPS's.

It also shows that the scripts have ended on these clients but upon checking the logger this isn't quite the case it seems: https://gfycat.com/OfficialTerrificAfricanaugurbuzzard

Client version: 2.5.8

If you need any additional information let me know.

Edit: One of the clients still running just ended and I noticed that it failed to send the progress data from that session, if it means anything.

Edit2: Seems the GIF I included may be a separate issue.


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6 minutes ago, d0zza said:

This can happen when you lose internet connection for a short period of time as well which is most likely the case, the first part of the error message says "Session has expired due to inactivity or".

I would agree, except it happened across two VPS's also.

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I've reloaded clients and just ran 3 scripts simultaneously to test and it hasn't triggered anything, nor do I get ads. I don't currently have my farm running to test it fully.

It's weird that it only stopped like 80-90% of my clients instead of all of them. @Maldesto


Edit: Based on account supplies and positions it seems at first glance that it wasn't simultaneous. Some accounts managed to run for multiple hours longer than others before it effected them. I'd be more specific but the GIF I posted in the OP prevented me from viewing any recent logger details, I may jump into the logger files later on to track back to when it happened.

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1 hour ago, Alek said:

It's a @Zach question

Alek I'm gonna buy you a pillow. https://www.teepublic.com/throw-pillow/2610073-notlikethis-emote

Also @Maldesto I'm still somewhat having issues. Accounts randomly being kicked off with no explanation or "error connecting to server" when attempting to relog back in, it appears the client is blocking my proxy connections. No reason to believe in proxy connection failure as I have multiple accounts per proxy and it's only happening to some, and it's happening across 5 or so proxies.

In addition to this, the script stopping isn't stopping the resubmission of calls to the OSBuddy API that keep failing while it's down.

Edit: Tested loading manually and via CLI but the same result.

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