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B3NJ's Feedback

  1. HelloMaSonXD left Negative feedback   


    B3NJ was The Seller

  2. kataal877 left Negative feedback   

    Scammed me by making a build order and when i was almost days of finishing, he changed password and never replied. 30m of my time wasted.

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  3. lusifa left Negative feedback   

    Scammed me x2 Zulrah accounts I wish I had just waited one more day

    B3NJ was The Seller

  4. lusifa left Positive feedback   

    Scammed me x2 Zulrah accounts I wish I had just waited one more day

    B3NJ was The Seller

  5. cucklord199 left Negative feedback   

    Scammed me my entire bank, and dropped my untradables

    B3NJ was The Seller

  6. Planken1994 left Negative feedback   


    B3NJ was The Buyer

  7. osrshunter4days left Negative feedback   

    MMII on my ironman. Logged on this morning and all my items were gone. FUN

    B3NJ was The Seller

  8. PantiesDown left Negative feedback   

    "sold" 50m OSRS GP, got scammed

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  9. Shiky left Positive feedback   

    Quested + leveled accounts, good guy

    B3NJ was The Seller

  10. osrshunter4days left Positive feedback   

    angler and rogue on my ironman, kept me updated throughout via discord. would highly recommend!

    B3NJ was The Seller

  11. Sailin left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, got me 3M Thieving XP + 41-55 Smithing + Farm runs + Miscenalious resource gathering: Spices, Willow branches, skilling supplies.

    B3NJ was The Seller

  12. osrshunter4days left Positive feedback   

    Got me full angler. would recommend!

    B3NJ was The Seller

  13. CrazyPipe left Positive feedback   

    vouch sold him an account

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  14. Sailin left Positive feedback   

    Another 1.6m xp on my ironman thieving knights, very fast and easy to deal with as always. Thanks man <3

    B3NJ was The Seller

  15. 4usq left Positive feedback for a topic   

    B3NJ was a pleasure to do business with. Would recommend working with him in any capacity to anyone!

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  16. Sailin left Positive feedback   

    Did some thieving xp for me, will use again, thanks!

    B3NJ was The Seller

  17. Account Merchant left Positive feedback   

    Trained some skills and quests for him, quick and smooth payment

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  18. Timo19 left Positive feedback   

    Best service i've bought on OSBot by far, done 1M thieving exp for me in less than 48 hours. He gave updates frequently and done everything legit. Would highly recommend.

    B3NJ was The Seller

  19. Faust left Positive feedback   

    Did dt and thievibg fast and quick thanks

    B3NJ was The Seller

  20. gearing left Positive feedback   

    Sold a 9$ voucher, enjoy mate!+1

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  21. jbandzz left Positive feedback   

    did 1-50 agil /1-55 thiev /x1 rougue set for him. great guy. ty<3

    B3NJ was The Seller

  22. Jackthedon left Positive feedback   

    Sold him in-game items, he's a good boy <3 A++

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  23. RoomScape left Positive feedback   

    Got a set of Rogue’s outfit for him, thanks!

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  24. Arctic left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a $10 OSBot voucher. Thanks!

    B3NJ was The Buyer

  25. Yeti left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Worked with on about 8 quests, really great guy and good conversation.

    B3NJ was The Buyer

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