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  1. Buying 100M 0.72/M (paypal/eth) Paypal - sent as family & friends (verified) Eth - local coinbase Discord : B3NJ#3333
  2. Are you speaking from experience young bolter? ?
  3. You'd have more luck posting in service request section > https://osbot.org/forum/forum/182-requests/ I'd personally recommend @zuzel111 for your firecape needs. He also has a website you can visit > Sparta.rs
  4. That is quite literally me right now too.
  5. Not exactly sure what you’re implying. You should probably have quoted my entire statement, rather than picking a bit out. My comment was intended as a whole.
  6. Placed an order for 1-95 Cooking. Hand done 3M Fee. I've provided 52k grapes & jugs.
  7. How long would 1 x 'shark cooker : 95 cooking 3m' take you?
  8. 270M skype: live:b3njrs Discord: B3NJ#3333
  9. 6M can do this now. Skype: live:b3njrs Discord: B3NJ#3333
  10. For a noob that’s not bad ?
  11. As above ^ need to know what quests you’re after mate. my discord is B3NJ#3333 if you’d like to add me, I’m sure we can talk about what you need doing.
  12. You're welcome to look at my quest prices here - https://osbot.org/forum/topic/139668-b3njs-services-~-questing-outfits-void-zeah-favours/
  13. Lmfao, that's fucking hilarious!
  14. I mean, can you blame the guy, I know I'd rather have £20k than 45B of virtual currency, any more than like 8B is useless anyway ? Hope he bought something decent with it xD
  15. Electronic gift card? or physical gift cards?
  16. Cause it means I have to put extra wealth on accounts I’m botting, so I avoid it
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