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Gun Violence (in America).

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I'm visiting my family in Canada and was talking to my cousin who's about this idea that America should abolish guns and make it so that only the police can have guns. I'm not sure if he watches too much 'news' or just hears what other people hear and is now part of that belief. He tells me that America has 'a lot' of gun violence and that people are always shooting one another and that Canada doesn't have that. Apparently, taking guns away from Americans would be a benefit since guns are the reason why so many 'mass shootings' occur. 

My opinion is totally different and I want to hear what your opinions are - please state where you live for the record as those that don't actually live in the USA have a very different perception of what happens here.

My opinion.


Guns should be left alone. They're in the Constitution stating that we have the right to bear arms. The main reason that this is in here - in my opinion - is so that the government can't just come and take over since we have some firepower on our side. It's a fact that other governments have done this to their people and if you're that ignorant to call BS, please do some research first as I'm not obligated to teach you anything.

If our guns are ever taken away, a number of things can happen including:

 Police Brutality which can skyrocket since we have no way to defend ourselves - police are scared shitless now by the thought of anyone having a gun which keeps them at bay.

The government can take over and there's nothing we can do about it without a way to fight back - using rocks and fists isn't very effective against bullets.

I understand that there is gun violence going on but it is nowhere as severe as what it's made out to be. Mass shootings happen but so do police shootings and robberies and a number of other possibilities. If the issue on guns were as bad as everyone claims it to be, there would be a lot more gun shootings and fatalities than there currently are. I'm for protection and the greatest defense in today's world is the possession of some sort of firearm.

While I'm against the abolishment of guns as a whole, I'm all for certain people under specific, pre determined guidelines to lose the ability to obtain a gun permit. This country is set upon 'innocent until proven guilty' and although that isn't always enforced as it should, we should prevent a firearms license to be given to those who are a proven threat like certain criminals, domestic violence records, etc.

What do you guys think about 'gun violence', whether it be in America or other countries?

What do you guys think about 'gun violence', whether it be in America or other countries?

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2 minutes ago, FuryShark said:

I don't know a lot about guns being from the UK. But i would say its okay as long as its kept in your house, and not easily accessible if there are people with certain obvious disabilities. Also they gotta be a lot more thorough with teh background checks. Yee.



You’re allowed to walk around with your weapon in the open in a number of states. 

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I live in KY. I believe there should be stronger gun control even if it means abolishing them permanently. With civilians not possessing firearms, the police don't have to fear for their lives as much and can't give the excuse "oh he had a gun on him". So I think police brutality would decrease. There are many alternatives to guns: we could use pepper spray, tasers, etc. These don't kill people so even if you have an "accident", you won't kill anyone and can still defend yourself.

8 minutes ago, dbird said:

Brazil is a 3rd world country. America is not.

5 minutes ago, htb5 said:

Let every on carry guns. Then who would be dumb enough to shoot people?

If guns are illegal you will still be able to get them. Then only the bad guys will have them

that's not true. If you enforce policy and punishments like the rest of the world, people can get major time in jail for possession. Take a look at UK, no one raps about having guns. That's because they don't have many if at all.

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