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  1. A couple mill if it has memberships left on it.
  2. Also take into account then can sometimes track down mule accounts too, I suggest drop trading to your alt, I haven't had a mule banned yet and I personally believe it helps.
  3. Special on from 23rd of March till 1st of April 55-99 mage 20m only! (other mage levels message me and we can work out a discounted price!)
  4. If you want a fast way of making money, I used the free beer buyer script and got a bond in like 3 days, I later bought vip and ran it on a couple accounts getting around 5m per day on a simple beer buying script. There's good money makers out there, you just gotta find them. Best of luck with your research.
  5. Splashing is significantly slower xp rates, and for people who need account with high mage for example zulrah botting would prefer having bots up and running as fast as possible.
  6. Currently I have 3 accounts I am working on at the moment, the rest of the accounts have been sold. But I can post some proggies, this thread will be updated over time with peoples completed orders and accounts of my own. Thanks for the suggestion!
  7. I will now be taking orders from people to train mage on their accounts, with the success from my own getting 5+ accounts with auto alching properly I have many accounts with high magic levels done 100% afk. Why should you consider doing this service? With the ability to afk auto alch I can gather a high amount of xp with little to no effort, resulting in a much cheaper price over other people offering account training. Is there a risk of being banned? Yes, there is always a risk when using a bot or auto clicker.. However, I have hundreds of hours of experience and multiple accounts with 94+ mage all done via auto clicking. Some things to consider: 1) While I am performing a service you must NOT login or change any information. I have very specific ways and locations I do this service so you will not be allowed to go onto the account until the service is completed. 2) In some services with accounts having very low magic, to do this the safest way possible I'll need to have access of the account to days and in some cases up to a week at a time. 3) I will not be providing the nature runes or any items required to complete this service. 4) I would recommend having a bank pin setup on the account, to eliminate the chance of having accusations against my name. 5) If you account happens to get banned, I will not be accountable for the ban and no refund will be given as I have stated already my methods are not the safest. But more of a cheaper alternative. 6) I can complete services on any accounts, but I would not recommend doing this on accounts with high value or accounts that have had a lot of work done on them incase of a ban. 7) After the service is completed, I will contact you and you will change your password. For more information feel free to message me on here or my discord Ghozt#9098 Thank you for reading and have a nice day. ______________________________________________________________ Proggies will be posted here: http://tinypic.com/r/wugjzk/9 http://prntscr.com/n0aadr
  8. Ouch dude, definitely new strategies are needed if they've gotten new ways to detect people rwting. Best of luck in the future
  9. 70 str 90 range 65 hp 25 prayer 85 mage Items: Mith gloves / Firecape / mage cape / all god books (great account for rushing/ tbing people who are looting as it has high dps and low cb level) Looking for price check only thanks
  10. Account will be logged in next to fruit stalls, TRUSTED ONLY osrs gp payment discord Ghozt#9098 Need quotes thanks
  11. Destrupt


    Hey man, congrats on graduating
  12. It would depend on how badly someone wanted the account but I would price it in the 10-15m range? Maybe a bit more if someone desperately needs one.
  13. Do some quests first and probably go get 50 firemaking by hand then start to bot wt would be the best start I would assume. Break regularly and don't bot too long each session
  14. If an email is registered with an account it won't matter as long as you can give the email to the purchaser.
  15. 20m Time est 2-3 days
  16. I've always found Pc to be a pretty high ban rate but I've heard otherwise. I'm sure if you did small amounts with generous breaks you'd be fine
  17. I alched 2 accounts to 90+ from 70ish mage. I go to pvp world and sit at chest in lumby when I go to bed. Seems to be pretty safe but you never know. Best of luck
  18. What in the hell, wish I got this. Best of luck w your winnings
  19. 10-15m I would say is reasonable with the amount of people who bot cballs there are quite a lot.
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