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[Dev Build] OSBot 2.5.7


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Download: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.5.7.jar


-Patched bank scrolling, please give feedback
-Patched web walking exceeding threshold limit in certain areas with teleports on
-Patched threading issue with script executor
-Added support for game ticks
-Plugin selector GUI under development, currently doesn't work - not a bug
-Deprecated needToScrollDown
-Deprecated needToScrollUp
-Deprecated needToScroll
-Deprecated getMaxScrollHeightNeeded
-Deprecated getMinScrollHeightNeeded

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Has the way breaks are enabled been changed in the past couple of versions? I seem to remember that when you changed the break times whilst a script was running it would absorb these new options. Now it uses the options that were enabled when the script was first started. Caught me offguard for the server reset today. If I want different options for different bot I use another instance rather than a new tab.

Edit: Click accuracy has also become an issue over the past few versions, it's happening across most of my scripts so I can't put it down to the individual scripts I don't think. After logging back in after a break, about 40% of the time i'm getting a runescape splash page opening up in my browser.

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Added more issues.
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