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  1. Having this issue: Inventory and gear perfectly ready as put in the GUI, then suddenly banks my range gear and logs out.... help please! This is the error I got: [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:22 PM]: [Break Manager] After botting for 46 minute(s), you will break for 20 minute(s). [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:22 PM]: Loaded 5 built-in random solvers! [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:25 PM]: Started random solver : Auto Login [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:31 PM]: Successfully logged in, waiting for welcome screen. [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:31 PM]: Random solver exited : Auto Login [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:35 PM]: Started random solver : Welcome Screen [ERROR][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:35 PM]: Error on random solver onLoop() : Welcome Screen java.lang.NullPointerException at com.fruityscripts.a.aux.onMessage(nc:168) at org.osbot.rs07.Bot.executeListenerEvents(ue:483) at org.osbot.rs07.event.RandomExecutor.run(tf:53) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:38 PM]: Random solver exited : Welcome Screen [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Blowpipe Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Trident of the seas Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Magic Potion Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Ranging Potion Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Eat Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Anti-venom Potion Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Loot Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Teleport To Clan Wars Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Portal Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Armour Switching Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Banking Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Camelot Teleport Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Prayer Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Enter Lair Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Prayer Potion Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [FightExecutor] Potion drinking is: 16 [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:46 PM]: [FightExecutor] Prayer Potion is now: Prayer potion [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:48 PM]: [ZulrahSettings] Adding Scroll Teleport Task [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:48 PM]: [TaskHandler] Switching to the Restart Task List [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:48 PM]: [TaskHandler] Disabled Zulrah Listener [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:48 PM]: [TaskHandler] Disabled Cloud Listener [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:48 PM]: [TaskHandler] Disabled Camera [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:48 PM]: [TaskHandler] Disabled Snakeling Listener [ERROR][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:49 PM]: Error in script executor! java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.LinkedList$ListItr.checkForComodification(Unknown Source) at java.util.LinkedList$ListItr.next(Unknown Source) at com.fruityscripts.api.c.CoN.c(tl:14) at com.fruityscripts.api.FruityScript.onLoop(kc:412) at org.osbot.rs07.event.ScriptExecutor$InternalExecutor.run(we:242) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:53 PM]: [Trident] Trident has: 2500 Remaining [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:55 PM]: [FruityBank] Ran out of Mystic boots [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:56 PM]: Terminating script Fruity Money Snake... [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:56 PM]: [DynamicSignature] Setting Username [INFO][Bot #1][09/18 09:09:56 PM]: Script Fruity Money Snake has exited!
  2. Too bad DayZ is dead Rip 3k hours experience
  3. Not sure if this doesn't work or some shit but I left it running over night (2 bots) came back 11 hours later to both having completely nothing lmao
  4. Used it for 4 hours on 3 accs 2 rune platebodys
  5. What'd be the best settings for most chins p/h? Sometimes I get like 150 and sometimes I get 230 or some shit all at the same lvl and settings lol
  6. Looking good my man, best of luck ?
  7. nice profile pic bud
  8. Lil Peep


    @FrostBug Is there any ETA you can give on a rewritten version?
  9. This funny part is that PA doesn’t even ban the scammer’s account Just look for some1 selling a main acc with <10 feedback and check their feedback history, all for a main account aswell. coincidence? I think not
  10. Yeah wouldn’t do rc and agil, very risky, guess I was just lucky ?
  11. For if ur still interested: I have a ~1900 total main that Ive leveled completely legit (By hand) Ive been botting on it for about 1.5 months now (HWID reset+new pass and email +proxy so it looks like im hacked and maybe try quashing a ban if I get one) and so far Ive done: -300-400 zulrah kills with zulrah script -68-77 rc with the rc script of @Khaleesi -93-99 thieving with macro recorder -97-99 fletching with macro recorder so far I havent been banned yet and I plan on going like this, dont care that much about the account anymore and trying to see how far Ill come seeing as the account is almost 4 years old it would be VERY unlikely to get permed first ban, but even if it happens so be it. just play it safe, breaks, switch up the scripts/skills etc etc and youll be good
  12. Hey man it was just a joke no need to turn hostile
  13. Need 2 barrows ready accounts: - 70/70/70 melee stats - 75magic+ranged -45 pray -priest in peril done won’t provide supplies, timeframe <4 weeks
  14. Hey! Im on vacation right now so I dont have the evidence of the trade ( will be back in 1.5 week and have screenshot of me trading him the cash) It was for a Zulrah account, ofc really dumb on my part trusting someone quite new but hey atleast I learned a lesson ? so in short: paid him, didnt receive the account or a refund and has been ignoring me from then on. Idk if u guys can look into my pms but its all there. thanks for taking your time ? have a nice day
  15. Any advice you can give on building a profit snek farm that you wish you knew before you started your journey? ?
  16. Just stumbled across this thread - have also autoclicked (with a macro recorder) to 99 thieving fletching and like 90 cons
  17. Accidentally deleted my entire iCloud lol, only pic I have left (not much visible sorry) but Im gonna look into buying a new one quite soon aswell
  18. Im on vacation rn but I double checked that there wasnt anything in the sack + nothing in the water flow thingy/hopper Ill check again when i get home, might have been just a glitch or some shit
  19. Hey Im looking for 2-3 zulrah accounts. what have u got in stock? ?
  20. Ty for bank scrolling lol that was a pain in the ass
  21. Ah I see, how viable is this? And would I get an instant perm ban if I suicide bot zulrah? Or should i bot it smart with 4-8 hr a day with breaks etc?
  22. How would you appeal the ban tho? Last time I checked there wasnt an appeal option for a ban. twitter?
  23. Can you explain? Did Jagex just remove the ban? If so I might try this aswell and just suicide bot it
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