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  1. Seems to work just fine. Didn't test the new stuff though
  2. Yeah I get these when my proxy "gets shot". If I launch an account on a different proxy - all is well
  3. Yep, started on May 23rd after the osrs update. Happens very randomly and not often. Couldn't pinpoint the problem though
  4. Dev build looks stable. And thanks for the new sexy look
  5. You've got a "core install". I think Contabo offers VNC out of the box but tbh best to set it up yourself. Apart from VNC, I think Ubuntu now supports RDP, but dunno I still prefer VNC.
  6. Either grab the PID (process ID) from the script when its running, or the best scenario would be to create your own launcher that launches bots. Can use the Java Process API that's in Java 9. Additionally you'll need a way for your launcher to communicate with bots - a Socket works great here, but there are other options. Add in a database and you're good to go
  7. Depends. It's an experimental build that's shared to the public so everyone can test before pushing a "real release" to all. Most of the time it offers improvements or bug fixes so you should always give it a go, would help the developers if you spot any bugs. If it's buggy though, you can always use the latest stable build.
  8. As far as I know OSBot doesn't allow external libraries in scripts due to security concerns, unless you use the libraries source directly. In short - won't be able to do it.
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