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When is it fair to recover

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I'm not to sure on this one, I mean there's no doubt he deserves the account to be taken from him, maybe so he can taste his own medicine, 

Although as they say, 2 wrongs don't make a right. This is an opinion, as I don't know the rules and regulations, Although i'd highly back it in that you can't recover it back,

As this would put you in the same line as him. 

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2 minutes ago, GPSwap said:

its a hard one, because they scammed so fk them, but also technically they paid for the accs so it is theres, only way its really "fair" is if you was to recover it and then help pay off some of the money thet SQ'd

i agree with recovering and refunding a portion of the money spent on the account to the person they scammed but it depends on what the mods say.

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7 minutes ago, Imagine said:

Everyone who bought an account from @Dilly Dilly should expect it to get recover, and IMO everyone who has sold him an account should recover it. You choose to be a scumbag then deal with the consequences. 



41 minutes ago, Billyrex1999 said:

scamming someone that's banned is still considered scam. Just saying.

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