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  1. I didn't think of it like that, I like that perspective. I only suggested the sale "limit" be shifted to the price check section as well but I can absolutely see how that could be a slippery slope towards other infractions or evasions. That being said it's very much still connected to account sales (with it's disconnects, as you mention) hence the potential for account sale abuse. I agree with your argument about people bypassing the limit but I don't however see how it can't be applied to how the sales section currently. The only thing stopping anyone from doing so is the rule about posting who the OO is and even then sometimes that gets lost in the mix. I'm still of the belief this would help secure specifically the account sales section and restrict the price checks. Maybe 100 posts is too step but something similar.
  2. I don't know the exacts of the process either, unfortunately. I've seen a couple threads be remove but I don't know what happened to the users. I absolutely agree with that logic. I'm not trying to remove the price check section but to add the extra level security of time spent on the forums to the price check section to avoid the people who bypass the limitation for sales. It's very easy to report the person who unknowingly posts that they're selling in the thread but what about the users who are smarter than that? There wouldn't even be the opportunity for that interaction to occur then. I also don't mean to say that 100 posts is "trustworthy" by any means but that is the basis at what point osbot "endorses" (for lack of a better word) you to sell accounts. I guess in my mind it kills two birds with one stone.
  3. Yes but I don't know how much of a marketplace OSBot will have for those accounts. A quick search showed some users searching for those type of tuts but not really any shops selling them.
  4. Every piece of information of evidence that anyone presents will be anecdotal to both their setup and configurations as well as a ton of other unaccountable factors. There really isn't a good metric one way or another, some people have incredibly success and can run a bot for +48 hours and some people are banned in the first two. I would say the best way to find out if it's a viable thing for your method is to test different times / days of the week and see what works best for you. Sorry realized I wasn't contributing: I've run a bunch of suicide bots that have an average lifespan of ~27 hours for the last little while, some last much longer and some last much less but it depends on a lot of things that I can't account for.
  5. Please give this thread a read, it's actually pinned in this section, might give some insight for your questions. In particular #4: Antiban/Antipattern
  6. Aces way of thinking, anyone who disagrees is stupid. Moving back to the original point of this thread what is your opinion on the subject matter and not just about the single point that deals with "you're not trusted so it's worth nothing" or "you have less than 100 posts so its worthless"? Do you have any opinion on people using the price check section to bypass the post limit to sell accounts?
  7. I agree with an infraction for spam in the marketplace, that was actually in the thread this one is "replying" to. Only chose that name cause I wasn't original enough for a new suggestion name. I'm more suggesting an extra layer of security for the price check area moving forward that limits that amount of work needed to be put forward. Apologies, I'm not sure what you mean. It's seems I was unclear (or all the replies are confusing the situation) with what the intention was of this idea. The focus of most of the replies here are about the marketplace spam and while I don't agree that isn't part of this issue what I'm trying to talk about is the people who are less than 100 posts who only post price checks for the purpose of selling the accounts. Are the mods expected to moderate PMs for all those users who are less than 100 posts within the price check forum? It's very easy to contact one of those users and set up a deal onsite/offsite for their price checked accounts. Is that not breaking the rules? I also had only meant that by implementing this it would help combat the issue of comments, nothing more. This thread has absolutely gotten out of hand, my bad.
  8. I think that price checking accounts should be limited to people with >100 posts. I know this will cause issues with the small percentage of the user base trying to get price checks on accounts when they are sub 100 posts but it will also eliminate any issues with people trying to bypass the posting limit to sell. There was one such post made earlier today. This helps eliminate (not wholly) some of the issues that occur with users who scam other users with account sales. I think this will also clear up any confusion about what the account sales and price check sections are for. This gives the OSBot staff the most information to work with as well as the interaction between the seller and the buyer would have started due to a sellers thread and not a PM conversation that leads offsite. Similarly this will stop any spam of users saying "It doesn't matter, you need 100 posts" on price checks and lower the amount of moderation the staff will have to do. I realize any user dealing with someone who is under 100 posts is at their own discretion but the price check section currently facilitates the relationship between buyer and seller when that is what the account sales section should be for. Adding this post count will add another layer of security to marketplace transaction in regards to account sales. Quoting myself below for some more clarity:
  9. I wouldn't know which one exactly but I'd say some MUD probably. Maybe like Gemstone III or Shades. Some of them have been around since like the late 80s though.
  10. I love this. Someone should edit in the Aladdin palace ?
  11. @John Cena @r0bar sell some. Don't know the quality or how many bots you can run but they seem to be successful so I assume they work well.
  12. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore— While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. “’ Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door— Only this and nothing more.”
  13. Can't heart react to the post so take this. Excited to see the script
  14. I've yet to experience a chain ban because I've used to same proxy IP at different times (or concurrently) but that being said I also don't know if any of the bot I've had have been banned faster because of the IPs being banned / flagged so it's all anecdotal really. No proof either way. Safest bet is to use a unique proxy IP for each bot.
  15. New cover photo taken in NWT. Sun setting and moon rising in the same picture.

  16. w0000ticus

    it happened

    _ /) mo / ) |/)\) /\_ \__|= ( ) __)(__ _____/ \\_____ | _ ___ _ || | | \ | | \ || | | | | | | || | |_/ | |_/ || | | \ | | || | | \ | | || | | \. _|_. | . || | || | ron92's RS acc || | || * | * ** * ** |** ** \)),,..,,/.,(//,,..,,\||(,,.,\\,.((//
  17. Thanks for doing the hard work so I don't have too. Excited to be a lazy cunt.
  18. Ran into some issues with it spinning the camera forever if I re-adjust it as well as an issue where it can't find any NPC's to fight when run on a proxy. https://i.gyazo.com/8de1f609ca25b8435865c68c6d476850.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/0a0cc426c642e29d8977eb03f318499d.mp4
  19. I guess? Depends on how you feel. I wouldn't since once I've sold the account it's no longer mine but I guess that's open to interpretation.
  20. Oh this is neat

  21. I very much enjoyed the trial I received of this, script got stuck outside the bank a couple times but nothing drastic. Sent you a PM with a question or two about this script + others.
  22. Give it a week and theres gonna be another skin you'll want.
  23. Would I be able to get a trial of this please?
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