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  1. -best rates around -can handle bulk Anomaly#1111 952291115661418606
  2. i can sell 07 whenever you need Anomaly#1111
  3. Best Rates around - Multiple Payment Methods Always ask for a DM Anomaly#1111
  4. their owners are banned on every black market forum for "exposing personal info" of others .... Shady people. All the gambling sites now a days are ran by faceless, vouchless people. Might be worth it for someone with some kind of reputation to actually start something.
  5. Instant Payment Fast Replies Competitive Rates Discord Username: Anomaly#1111 Discord unique id: 952291115661418606 *Contact for an updated rate - Depends on current stock/demand* Payment Methods: -Bitcoin -Ethereum -Litecoin -USDT
  6. Arena is getting removed in may, literally no point but if you'd like too the odds are as follows 1 hp = 1% 1 attack or def = 0.25% 1 max hit = 4% (for tent whip only, dds is 3%) theres a lot more secrets in the arena that i won't go over gg odd staking RIP 2014-2021 was the best job ever for a bit there Got hundreds of screenshots, these are some off the top of the list from the last month of staking https://imgur.com/yt82kFf https://imgur.com/lGrn412 https://imgur.com/NsuLc2m 83% odds on a 900m stake lel, https://imgur.com/ZPD4h49
  7. Title - looking for quality can pay in 07 / bitcoin / Cad Anomaly#0373 <----- discord best way to contact me
  8. Anomaly

    Stealth Quester

    can this script do that awful quest yet, Tai bwo Wannai Trio?
  9. pm me on disc, mid rate
  10. BOUGHT Anomaly#0373 233998344836349952
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