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  1. still one of the safest ways of getting levels imo, but definitely not ban-proof (because nothing is)
  2. idk mate. if the person was going to but the account anyway, why would I pay for it? I could do it myself. paying someone to bot on my accounts just makes no sense imo.
  3. why dafuq is the dude botting. he should be working for fucking NASA.
  4. Go the safer route mate and create your own account, and pay someone to level it for you instead. Sure it's significantly more expensive, but you're paying for the peace of mind.
  5. https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/13427/
  6. I'd only get a vpn proxy if I bot on a good number of accounts tbh.
  7. You botted for 4 months straight mate, it was pretty much almost inevitable. Pushed your luck a bit too much.
  8. There will always be demand for Zulrah accounts as far as I know. I'd only buy such accounts from reputable people tho.
  9. thought it was 1 client, but 2 tabs. oopsie.
  10. as far as I remember you're only allowed 1 client with non-vip. could be wrong tho.
  11. If you don't want to be banned, don't bot. There's no way to make your account invulnerable to bans. Go goldfarm instead.
  12. there sure is demand for it, but no idea on the prices. I think they're more expensive now though, simply due to the fact that botting is decently harder right now(hence harder to make such accounts through botting) compared to years ago.
  14. fstyle


    long time no see fren
  15. by the looks of it it looks like the bots don't even click on the display name textbox
  16. Bug Report Template: - Normal client or Mirror client? normal, 2.5.87 - What is the issue? freeze at the choosing name part - What is the script status? (can be seen in the paint) - Can you get a printscreen of it?
  17. Check out @Juggles' Guide to goldfarming. Sure it's a post from 2018, but a lot of it still holds true imo. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/148321-guide-to-gold-farming-30/
  18. The only sure-fire solution: don't bot. Personally, I wouldn't bot accounts that I don't want to lose. I'd rather bot to rack up on rsgp, then probably use that rsgp to pay for trusted services.
  19. just don't bot on it again unless you want to lose it. u lucky they gave you a 2-day and not just went straight for the juggular.
  20. fstyle

    Stealth Quester

    @Token any plans on adding the ironman mode to the cli?
  21. idk m8. I'm buying the account as long as it has the stats I need. cbf thinking about "quality". it's not like I could check the "quality" of an account in the first place
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