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  1. Because I was told by a mod, that I was no longer needing to provide a refund. I explained the situation to a moderator. This was a complete misunderstanding and the situation was taking advantage off. I’ve got over 70+ positive on osbot and no scam reports + 50+ account on playerauctions and no disputes.
  2. Hello, I'm currently needing my defence tank to be trained. I'm not too fussy on the method used, However, only defence can be trained. The account is 1 Attack, 1 Strength. Only defence can be trained. I'm needing 66-75 defence. Please post your quotes below. Thanks!
  3. Needing some skilling done,
  4. montie


    Looking for minnow fishing ready accounts.
  5. Would be valued the same as a normal account, as there's not many chances to die during agility. I would agree with tilenpickule and say around the $100-$170 mark.
  6. Needing some skilling done.
  7. montie


    Looking for a lvl 3 skiller, preferably with 99's - trusted only
  8. montie


    Looking for a lvl 3 skiller.
  9. montie

    1-75 defence.

    Bump still needing this done 46-75 defence
  10. https://imgur.com/a/AWazBP4 https://imgur.com/a/xspV23f
  11. montie

    1-75 defence.

    Looking for someone to train my account from 1-75 defence, this will be done at sand crabs with 1 attack 1 strength. I will supply all super str / super attack to complete this order
  12. montie

    def pure

    Bump Not sure honestly.
  13. Disputed member: [member=] @Aromafab Thread Link: Explanation: Hi, I had the user getting me 62-75 defence on my defence pure, was paying him in increments of 220K XP, User had recieved x2 payments of $20.19 (AUD) User got 7 attack on my account, and proclaimed he got keylogged or ratted and somebody changed the attack style whilst he was offline. I had around 10M on the account that was ruined and that has been taken off. User had initially agreed to recreate the account, it's been 3 days & I'm yet to hear anything, which leads me to believe I've been scammed. Please find Images below. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/UpcwUFD https://imgur.com/a/LOfhyXy
  14. montie

    def pure

    I'm looking for a defence tank pure, must have 1 attack and str 60+ defence.
  15. price check lvl 35 with 70 defence 7 attack 59hp
  16. Because it was handled internally & him an Aarz came to an agreement outside of OSbot, Which is what I would've liked to do. It would've saved the embarrassment & trouble for both parties. It wouldn't tie you moderators with dealing with these disputes, This ban happened 3-4 days ago, I only posted a dispute now, As i was trying to resolve it peacefully.
  17. https://imgur.com/a/5nA6LMA https://imgur.com/a/qX1Kw53 https://imgur.com/a/VjS536y https://imgur.com/a/w1vSEOF
  18. This is a delicate situation & I feel beyond guilty even posting this dispute against aarz, although I'm out of an account, I hope this can be handled fairly & accordingly.
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