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How long does it take for Jagex to ban for botting?


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9 minutes ago, DurtyDurtyMike said:

If I was botting and my bot fucked up and tried buying an unpurchasable item for 3 hours straight, how long do i have until Jagex bans me? It's been 3 days and I'm still fine.

nobody besides  Jagex knows exactly how the bot detection system works


9 minutes ago, DurtyDurtyMike said:

Also, if I threw all my wealth onto an alt account, would they ban that too?

normally no. but they could

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1 minute ago, Curtis20112 said:

I believe most bans happen while in the act of botting. Not usually a few days or hours later. Personally I'd say after the first 24hrs you're probably clear 

I've probably had around 15 accounts banned (all mains) and from my own experience only around 3 of the accounts were actually banned during botting. This was way back in the day though so I'm just curious to what its like for banning atm.

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