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  1. [Up to 2B] - will be updated, 0 if I am no longer buying. Paypal preferred; if i have time may look into bitcoin. tomorrow, maybe. Taking recommendations in terms of platforms/website! If I have more Feedback and or you're not titled [scripter, sponsor, mod, etc], you go first. PM with your rates.
  2. Hello do you still have gold in stock?
  3. Please post or PM me your $USD/m rate. Can pay via paypal or venmo. Lower feedback/history goes first.
  4. I can do it for the fun, feel free to give me a tip if you want but i can do it for free. Hmu!
  5. I have a main account 2k+ total levels. I decided to yolo and suicide bot agility to 99. Got 99 agility out of the way and walked away with 1 day ban. Awww yeaaaa. Big gamble >:3
  6. I've botted agility to 99. It's numerous factor: account age, stats, patterns, etc. and some would say otherwise but I think the script plays a huge factor as well.
  7. Pm or add me on discord w/ your rate! HoneydewbubbleT#1856 Willing to buy in smaller increments :3
  8. PM or add me on discord and lmk your rate! Grabbing chickfila so brb in 20-30min. Discord: HoneydewbubbleT#1856 Can buy lesser quantities, but looking to buy 200m total. Will keep thread update!
  9. Lmk your rate! Going first only for sponsors+ w/ good fb.
  10. Love how flawed your analogy is. No it's not the same as going up to a black guy and inserting racial slur. First of all, going along with your analogy, I didn't know that this guy "was black" and if I were to have said a racial slur (which I never do), I wouldn't have known it would've offended him. Secondly, when I say these "racial slurs" to other ironmen (ask why they pay for services), they usually provide a somewhat reasonable response which I may or may not agree with kind of like @Lurkernomore 's very last response. stop farming post count. Your insults are horrible, newbie. Gotcha, to each their own I guess. I personally think fming via wintertotd is way better than mindless grinding of log lighting and extremely great for acquiring resources & other skill ex as an ironman. Happy new year to you as well!
  11. "Ironman Mode is an account type, released on October 13, 2014, that encourages the player to be entirely self-sufficient." Note the phrase "Entirely self-sufficient." This is Jagex's definition of this gamemode and the reason why the majority of the players who play this mode play it-not what i'm dictating. I'm a joke? Lmao. You're the one that can't handle a little FMing grind via wintertotd which is probably one of the easiest/fastest skill to get a 99 in. I understand there are things on osrs that could be difficult or extremely tedious e.g. infernocape, lvling runecrafting, etc. But FMing. Really? Thx m8. Wasn't trying to be one. If you take a look at my first two comments, was actually being friendly but OP took it offensively and has a stick up his butt. I do apologize for making this thread unnecessarily long though. I love having discussions/debates but this wasn't the thread to do it on so my apologies.
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