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  1. for sure, you can still meet her needs without you ejaculating though bet she is gonna love you more for it because you end up making love for longer periods of time
  2. Keep going brother keep going! It's also no simp September! ty brotha, yes, I try to no simp all year round though nofap is much harder I feel, but I'm glad to report experiencing strong positive effect from only being 15 days in. hopefully I don't flatline soon at all. you ever try nofap?
  3. taking the opportunity to give nofap a real try this time around, 15 days in and going strong
  4. I would desperately like to see a script that completes 10 quest points
  5. nice, do you make your own tuts or do you buy them?
  6. yes it works sometimes, about 70% of my bots running this manages to complete without bumping into the romeo glitch
  7. interested, it says yo can't received messages on OSB. adding u on discord
  8. I had the same issue on my Debian 9 dedi and this fixed it for me https://linoxide.com/debian/install-java-8-debian-gnulinux-9-stretch/
  9. client issue after game update. just got to wait until osb devs push a fix
  10. @Explv the Manager runs flawlessly on both my windows laptop and Debian VPS but on my rented Ubuntu dedi it fails to log in on the rs accounts when using a local script, in other words it only gets to the login screen without activating the login handler and in the terminal I get this: could not find script : "CQuest" what comes to mind is that I don't have root access to the Ubuntu dedi, could this possibly be why?
  11. there is a special place in hell for people like that
  12. @Explv solid manager bro! would be even better if it had the three new f2p servers (w371, w424, w418) in the configurations. cheers!
  13. that's what she said
  14. @Lemons and @IDontEB sell solid tuts
  15. Burundanga


    hey, this might come in handy, ty
  16. I would like to nominate my bro @iskillmore for a free proxy. cheers mang
  17. clan mate and friend. this dude is legit ps: that is one badass cat
  18. 600 post count in the trash can over this + a lousy 50m, smh?
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