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Thanks to everyone that reported the bug where you couldn't click while a script was running. Turned out to be a mistake on my end while fixing Advertisements last minute. I once again made more improvements to that system while fixing the bug I introduced when working on it the first time. Sorry about that problem. Thanks @ThatGamerBlue and @Woody for their help.

Now you can post whether you like 2.5.X or not :) 




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19 minutes ago, Severide said:

@Alek Why when I update/redownload the update my virus keeps going crazy about a Trojan and removes it completely, only happened on this update never on previous ones.

No clue why, what's the name of your antivirus? Were you using 2.4.162 or 2.5.0 before upgrading to 2.5.1? I heard mirror mode sometimes causes a false positive. 

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