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  1. Depends on price, needs 80 mage+range 70 def 75+ hp and regicide (obviously)
  2. Veteran lander, 80 atk 81 str 77 def 83 hp 62 prayer. Timeframe and prices in replies.
  3. i saw that sneaky change from "antiban" -> "detection rate" nice release
  4. I'd say it's worth it, but you'll definitely need VIP.
  5. The server does appear to be down but I do believe that endpoint got removed, and you have to download the whole item list and parse it now, or just use the OSBot api for it (don't know the call, but it's in there somewhere).
  6. https://pastebin.com/7acaRqcd very bug, much confuse
  7. Still working on this - working on the hotkey system at the moment, lots of effort but hopefully it'll be worth it
  8. Get a ton of flax and spin bowstrings overnight. Easiest perm ban. Bonus points if you do it at lumbridge.
  9. Some of the spaces are \u00a0 instead of a space, try this: p.getName().toLowerCase().replaceAll("\u00a0", " ").equals("other player")
  10. What do you mean by 1x1 tile locations? Tiles where you can attack but they can't?
  11. Good ideas, the third one probably isn't possible but can probably implement a "hey, you're attacking a friendly" warning. Will definitely do the multi/single markers & wildy level attacking indicators.
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