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  1. Woody

    Fruity NMZ

    Hey Fruity! I like your script. However, does it have to have a fixed position while dreaming? I've noticed that when I choose to fight Arrg, he will use ranged attack which causes the player to run up to him because of the auto-retaliate. After a few attacks the script runs back to the fixed position, and the cycle repeats. This is very bot-like behaviour and I'd like to fight Arrg because of the extra XP. Could we get an option to have no fixed position?
  2. Thanks for the reply, however I'm a bit surprised. I'm not talking about writing major codes for interaction and walking. The current interaction method uses the camera to rotate and find the object to interact with, if the object is not visible. You could easily write your own interaction method setting operateCamera to false and setting an arbitrary miniMapDistanceThreshold to make it walk using the main screen. I think (hope) you know what I'm referring to. By this, the fixed camera setup would make the script less bot-like because of the unnecessary clicks on minimap, while rotating
  3. Hey Apaec! I bought your script today and used it for 20 minutes. I noticed how it handles the courses and I must say it's very bot-like. When handling some obstacles the script will turn the camera too much unnecessarily, and eventual click on the mini-map to walk to the next obstacle. I've done 1-99 agility manually before and I found a quite nice tactic that allows me to semi-afk while running rooftops. I'm not using the camera at all. If next obstacle is not visible on the screen I will simply walk towards it by clicking on the tiles, not the mini-map. Namely, I find a good camer
  4. Don't listen to them. You should learn how state machine works because you're new to java and it's a good start for you.
  5. But then it will only return to GRANDEXCHANGE if both of the items are missing Am I missing something?
  6. if(!getBank().contains(227) || !getBank.contains(HighestMarginHerbId)) { return State.GRANDEXCHANGE; } Put that into your getState() method. If the bank does not contain any of the items with id 227 OR HighestMarginHerbId, it will return to state GRANDEXCHANGE.
  7. Why do you need the best tool? However, there are plenty of options, just find the one you like to work with, not the "best" one.
  8. What's wrong with NetBeans? Copy/paste is too much work for you?
  9. Still, enough time to penetrate yo moma
  10. I have my left hand, I am never depressed/lose hope
  11. a real troll never reveals that it's trolling
  12. cool trolling, I shall google how to become a troll like you
  13. lol who are you and why do you suck so much?
  14. Woody

    R8 My Setup

    intel > AMD Geforce > Radeon Gr8 setup m8. I hope I'm not too l8 to r8 your computer st8, you get an accur8 8/8 certific8!
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