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  1. Severide


    When you finally get fortnite mobile invite
  2. Hey, Need some work done on a ironman, skype in signature to discuss Looking for someone to basically just grind a skill on ironman for example 85 mining or 85 woodcut Live:SeverideJnr
  3. Severide

    ham guards

    there is one for that.
  4. Actually nice kill for a crossbow.
  5. Severide

    ham guards

    More for low gphr on ironman
  6. Severide


    bump, a skiller ironman would be nice
  7. Severide

    ham guards

    Anyone got or know of anyone with a ham guard bot?
  8. in signature? live:SeverideJnr
  9. Hey, im looking for constant workers to help me level accounts. What I need; 1-50 magic 1-50 range 1-52 agility avas and nmz stats and quests add my skype to discuss or message me
  10. Being told you’ll die at 25 but living till you’re 76? Amazing i think never gonna witness another genius in my lifetime as we did with Hawkins
  11. Hey, Looking for a cheap thread layout, nothing special as of yet want to test the waters first. skype in sig.
  12. Severide


    think going to buy chuckles bud but thanks
  13. Severide


    Message me a price if you want
  14. Severide


    Any decent Ironman accounts around? Post price and stats or message me them on Skype.
  15. not too bad nice video will use some of this will message
  16. Dont need a service.
  17. yep a good one from 2013, but i want someone who quests and has their own way to make faster...
  18. Does anyone have any updated zerker pure guides for barrow gloves which would recommend?
  19. I can vouch for that. And welcome dude.
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