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  1. Very intertested. lemme know when its done and i'll happly test it
  2. Can i get a trail? Would be nice to see a lighthouse daggonth preset cannon spot. I believe they are best range xp/hr cannoning.
  3. I'd be intersted in ths. but for now now OSRS script factory
  4. i tried searching to avoid this noob question but i couldnt find anything... is there a post about the hotkeys for the OSbot client? (I.e. start, stop pause, etc) new hardware mouse lel
  5. Hey khal, it does not pick up clue nests(bird nests) in F2P(noticed willows and maples so far). also would be nice to see support at corsair cove for maples/yews banking in f2p
  6. sent a PM with proof it was renewed on the 18th
  7. Ive had this script for months now... went to go use it today and i dont have it? i renewed my subscription automatically?
  8. Hey khal, ive also had the problem mentioned above.... but also there is a bigger bug imo... While fletching addy darts, it randomly spams rick clicks drops. (inf loop untill i stop/pause script) It seems to be completely random when it happens..... i have over 500k+ of each so i get the drop warning...... Nothing shows in logger, newest client... mirror mode
  9. garys hood never got me banned. did 4 accounts 1-94 magic using it
  10. has 2 rakes in bank "cant find rake pausing script" walks to bank, opens > breaks tele tab repeat "deposting unwanted items" (every item in inv is needed keeps going between tele tabs and the rake) endlessly tries to talk to npc to remove trees (not selecting the option just spam clicking npc) fuck this is the shittiest script i've ever used. and i have $300+ worth of premium/private scripts hope you fix your script ive been reporting problems suggesting things but seems like you dont really care to much I guess thoes 800+ users that uses this script just dont wana be
  11. id say 60-100m. depending on bank. and other skills. are you training high magic?
  12. Where to start... for starters how to traverse GUI is stupid af.... took me about 20 times running the bot to figure it out. it withdraws way to much compost at the start making the script rebank cus no inv space. so theres that loop. cant use notted items as payments..... (apples(5) is the only one i got to so far) never rebanks inbetween runs. doesnt support staminas doesnt support Tool leprechaun Just all around a poor script that should be free for VIP. but thanks for the 3k farming xp i manged to get while using this bot. (in about 3hrs of run time ) it took 20 mins al
  13. do you use this script? cus if you did you would see all the problems and how un user friendly it is...... 1/10
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