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  1. can i get a 24 hours trials! i look for another script
  2. Have some question! idk if its my problem or not but why my acc go bank from black chins taking route up to 40 wild enter in cave of revenant and later go down in cave to lvl 30 when he can just go down lvl 30 in wild? maybe if a missconfiguration from my part but anyone can tell me? @projectPact
  3. why not break with osbot break manageR?
  4. its a good script but its hard supervising i think or i dont know a correct break but reall i dont like the breakmanager from osbot maybe i dont have a good times but most of my bans on the route of make mys acc its withs this script i recommend him but use with caution and test EDIT : REPEAT!!! ITS A GOOD SCRIPT BUT MAYBE I DONT HAVE A GOOD SETUP UNTIL BUT ITS GOOD JUST NEED TEST AND TESTAND TEST FOR HIT THE GOOD SETUP AND USE HIM
  5. can i get a trial i are looking for a combat/slayer script and are testing for see who can buy
  6. Sir can u read the dm in discord?
  7. can i get a trial ty...
  8. i think if u want to sell some account like a main its a little hard... but if u make accounts for botting its more easy to get a sell like if u do nmz readys or maybe orbers or some one acc can be use to bot and make money instantly... because the buyer know its a account only for Goldfarming and he know soon or later that acc go be banned...
  9. i want this so badly!!! need that my bank its a mess xd i try to buy it the other week xd know are foundless xd hahaha
  10. Can i get i trial i wanna test for buy it thanks
  11. 99 hunter its like 25 35$ depend on ur reputation... 1$ its like 2.7/2.8m i dont think that worth too much more... good luck sir
  12. Client of kourent are broken for the update map
  13. Hello Sir, this its really a nice Script i used it a lot of times on a lot of account with a low ban rate but i give u some suggestion 1) Can u add a breakmanager to the script osbot breaker its weird and i think its better have more profiles for each acc 2) when the bot go to break he just sit in a safe zone and wait he get logout for inactivity that its too bot like! can u do when gonna break he walk to a safe zone and he automatic logout normally and not sit there waiting the logout for inactivity? Edit : i babysit and sometimes he do the logout manually imean the script but sometime just keep sit in a safe place and do for inactivity
  14. im have the requeriments xd token not its first time i run the quest xd i start first the knight sword for get 29 Smithing and do manually 15 fletching and just need 10... Edit : when u dont have the requeriments the bot just jump the quest and dont make it but in this case he buy all he need but at the end keep in the bank and dont close the bank, i try close manually he open again i try to send to al kharid he walk away to ge again i try start the quest and he walk to ge again i dont know this day that quest work because i use in other acc when i report to u dont work more...
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