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  1. thorz

    Super Soul Wars

    could i get a trial?
  2. hey could i get a trial?
  3. hey can i get a trial please?
  4. hey could i get a trial please
  5. Bought one and it worked perfectly great. vouch
  6. Well i have been running this for two weeks on several accounts and i made money of it without getting banned so. It's all about RNG to make your supply back.
  7. hey could i get a trial please
  8. Does it kill Demonic gorilla's aswell? that's part of the black demon tasks. Or is it really only strictly the Tasks that are given.
  9. Hey i'm running the barrows script and i only get 200k/h is that normal? is there something wrong with my settings? i'm running in Mirror mode.
  10. thorz

    Perfect Thiever

    Is blackjack not available anymore?
  11. thorz

    Stealth NMZ

    looks nice, may i trial?
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