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  1. @mitsuki~ not sure if you had this solved yet but I only just realised this section was a thing, here's what I've been using for my bots fresh from tutorial island. public void setAttackStyle(String trainType) { int style = script.getConfigs().get(43); switch (trainType) { case "DEFENCE": if (style != 3) { while (!script.tabs.isOpen(Tab.ATTACK)) script.getTabs().open(Tab.ATTACK); // postStatus("CHANGING ATTACK STANCE TO DEFENCE"); script.widgets.get(593, 17, 4).interact(new String[0]);
  2. I notice a considerable increase in F2P bot ban rates from my testing when more than 2 IP/proxy.
  3. I find that when running more than 2 bots per IP the ban rate increase significantly, these findings are from stealth injected bots running on independent OSBot.jar instances.
  4. Assuming you record 1 hours worth of gameplay, then repeatedly run that hours worth of gameplay, they would be able to compare clicks from the first hour to the second one surely and see that there's an extreme resemblance in mouse movement/interactions? Just a thought
  5. I think this issue was machine based, fresh installed windows and installed OSBot as normal and seems to be working fine now. Thank you regardless o/
  6. @Patrickany ideas brother? I've tried fresh reinstalling OSBot, the Oldschool client, changed window size to fixed mode, made the client as small as possible and had it at a normal perspective, nothing seems to work.
  7. Mirror Mode is no longer detecting my client since the latest OSBot update, anyone else getting this issue?
  8. Much love to the team for the new release
  9. The usage of states is actually something that I've never worked with before, I thought I'd give it a shot and it turned out to work out allot better than I had hoped, however I'm next looking into Task based scripts, so I'll be delving into that tomorrow ^_^
  10. I actually didn't test how much per hour I was getting, I only made this script with the intent of getting from 5-20 crafting so I could bot sapphire rings, sorry my dude, if I get time tomorrow I'll add an overlay for it to display rings/hour
  11. This script was made with the intent for the crafting of Gold Rings in AlKharid. I made this for my own personal use, if you're going to use it then I recommend the following to ensure it works as intended. Start the script in AlKharid Ensure gold bars are visible in the bank Ensure mould is visible in the bank Download Jar : Crafter.jar For anyone interested the code is below package com.shrykur.craft; import java.util.ArrayList; import org.osbot.rs07.api.map.Area; import org.osbot.rs07.api.map.Position; import org.osbot.rs07.api.model.Entity; import org.
  12. Your momma's so fat she's got enough chins for 99 range
  13. I respect your input and thank you for doing so, I'd rather you just tell me straight up rather than mock any work that anyone contributes, it's more productive that way. I completely agree with everything you said however for me this was just a quick fix for an issue I was having while suicide bottling some seeds, thank you though!
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