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  1. Hey man! Thank you @takeovertheworldfor tagging me! @Slothfeel free to join the server and we can price it up for you! Also please do check my vouches, unlike others mine are actual services/account sales.
  2. Hey mate 167M Can join the discord by clicking my banner and have a look around. Feel free to open a support ticket should you have any questions.
  3. Not sure if you still need this but if you do please do feel free to join the server by clicking my banner and we can get this done asap
  4. That’s really strange. let me dm you on discord
  5. Hey man we can do this join the server and open a ticket
  6. Mate dont even worry about it, happens. Looks like you got banned start of prime too, I can mass check them for you as @CoinMansaid no problem but honestly as you were not making them yourself you can only speculate why.
  7. Thank you for the reply! Not at all, infact i have over 1.3k accounts that are like 7 months old. It's not a ticking time bomb. Just jagex bans on the tut process etc has gotten pretty heavy. I agree going handmade accounts and resting is 100% a good way to go. I just spoke with the owner and it appears you have already been offered replacements and he has explained the situation. Going by the chat you seem happy with the outcome. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. EDIT: I see you went with replacements for the banned accounts glad it was sorted.
  8. Hey i have a bunch from my old farm they probably have expired temp ban but im sure i have like 18 or so.
  9. May i know your discord user please. I'm an admin in Eternal Accounts and would like to take a look at your ticket and accounts. I can only presume you are talking about the recent bans, sadly when a prime event is on ban rates do tend to be higher which sucks but if you ask anyone in Eternal Accounts they will tell you this is normal during prime all other times accounts are perfectly fine. I would suggest @ me in your ticket so i can take a look and solve the issue.
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