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  1. Hey man long time! I have SOTE accounts
  2. We will do the quest line for free for you providing you make a report on that guy mate as others should also be aware. Just add me on discord or join services server by clicking the banner in my signature - create a services ticket and we will get it done @Mycoins
  3. Hey man sending you a dm
  4. Can we post accounts for sale in services section and have multiple of them in same section? If so please confirm so I can flood the section. @Gunman
  5. 163M mahogany tables 218M oak larders complete in a few days
  6. Hey i have 4 that will be ready tomorrow and workers can make them in 11 days around $120
  7. Not 100% sure but if you have any add me on discord ill take them all :)
  8. Don't bot on an account you are not prepared to loose, but yes get VIP use mirror mode.
  9. Dont pay $150 for it. Like $115
  10. Hey man! Thank you @takeovertheworldfor tagging me! @Slothfeel free to join the server and we can price it up for you! Also please do check my vouches, unlike others mine are actual services/account sales.
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