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  1. If you have over 100 then please add me on discord: GetTaxed#5576
  2. https://gyazo.com/bc1ad772882091c2d19c66cdae53c13b
  3. Disputed member: @Syracuse Lol Thread Link: Explanation: So i purchased a total of three pures a while back from Syracuse and when the DWH update came out this account got recovered and since has blocked me on discord. It just clicked in my head when i saw him viewing my profile that i didnt report him. Evidence: [Staff Check Hidden] [Staff Check Hidden] [Staff Check Hidden] Account has been recovered since - i knew he was out of money as he asked to borrow 1M at the time. Gif of discord UID: Will upload in the morning. Doubt ill get my money back but just thought i would get the report out there as i see he has commented offering accounts on other posts.
  4. Hey man ive got you covered add me on discord: GetTaxed#5576
  5. Buying corp ready accounts just pm me what you have and price
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