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  1. Gunman is like a condom “here for your protection”
  2. I should win because I eat all my vegetables and it makes my botting arm big and strong
  3. 6 hours botting 4 hours sleep from 1-61 then 9 hours botting 6 hours sleep
  4. proggie (1/10/2021) @troro1
  5. stats QP - 211 notable items - elite void,abyssal whip,serker (i),dragon defender,blow pipe,Slayer helmet (i),DFS,Fire cape,Barrows gloves bank value 32m not botted / no warnings
  6. so many comments so little time... what you working on at the moment @Token
  7. could i have a trial please
  8. a few non vip/new members have asked me what scripts i use and how i am successful in not getting banned, what i tend to do is bot most of the day but doing very diffrent things and using mirror mode i roughly bot 10-11 hours a day but (semi watch over) how it is running. anyway here is a list of scripts i use and i can vouch for every one of them as you can see @Czar @Khaleesi @Token are some of the most talented code writers and my personal favorites on osbot (my opinion) the scripts i use i cycle through all of these and thus far have created many main/pures/nmz accounts.
  9. all stats are 60, i dont think you are able to get over 100QP with just 60 in atk/def/stre
  10. no not fixed yet, very wierd
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