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  1. Has to have 63 hunter, and i'd pay more if eagles peak was done. no bans. let me know
  2. Looking for Green Dragon Killer Accounts. PM me about prices depending on stats. thanls
  3. i've heard you sell cracked and botted accounts for way to much. at least be honest man. thats why i left your discord. pm we can speak on pricing
  4. title says all, but i need either any amount. preferably accounts with only 43 rc/63 hunter not both levels together but still interested in accounts with both levels. let me know!
  5. pm for for info must be trusted or middleman
  6. and i thought this was an inclusive not esclusive community. i didnt get scammed by an oimposter unless youre allowing imposters on your site. i had been doing business with his orginal discord whochb i added directly from osbot then this happened and im an idiot. get the fuck out of here. checkout above
  7. im just cofnused because i clicked add on discord whn he sponsored on the site, its the same discord ive been doing business with and everytime i traded for gol his name was bert... im not trying to be rude but im not a novice and made sure to add the rightone. but ok
  8. but how? did his discord get hacked? why didnt he notify me. its the same discord weve been communicating and trading with on a consistent basis...
  9. dude left me feedback and vice versa and i added no one else, how could he possibly be a fake? came on now.
  10. i added his advertisement on discord. hes not an impooster hes a scammer lmao. no justice huh?
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