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  1. Hello there, welcome to OSBot
  2. Yes GP, "07" refers to GP Noob hahaha
  3. Title says all, .44 per mill, will take pp balance if trusted enough Contact on discord ty
  4. Nice man, well played.
  5. Can be done mate (also had 1063 feedback before my current feedback you see)
  6. Hi, yes sorry for late reply best to contact me on discord
  7. sold 40, 260 left
  8. Great services! Have worked for and ordered from him alot!

  9. $0.45 per mill, preferably after coinbase/bitcoin. Will take paypal balance if trusted enough, contact me on discord ty
  10. Dbuffed

    Rogue outfit

    Agility level? Can be done
  11. It's really difficult to know which is better, but in general knowing aged accounts are typically better. The reason why is because often where they have been in the game for quite some time it's not always looked at right away, as said above if it's a fresh account and is randomly knocking out all the good stuff it's going to sound a bit weird. That being said trial and error with any scripts and bot accounts work a charm. What you need to remember is you can be caught two ways, via manual botting checks and players reporting you. If you're not in a common location then option 2 is
  12. Bumping this, remember you can also pre-order accounts for TBC
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