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  1. Hello, can make you some $120-150 or so depending what you want on them etc. Dbuffed#0067 / 345893819348287490 to talk more.
  2. Hello mate, $130-150 or so depending stats/setup wanted Dbuffed#0067 / 345893819348287490 to talk more.
  3. Hello Reece, if you still require it then perfect 25M via MLM all ore banked for you. Contact me on discord - Dbuffed#0067 / 345893819348287490
  4. Hello mate, looking at 250M 1063 feedback on my old profile + what I have here (so 1.1k+ feedback total) along side plenty offsite too
  5. Not allowed to advertise discord mate, need to buy advertiser rank
  6. Hello, some things have me a bit on the bench. With that being said, can you contact me on discord? ty
  7. Hey there, how many kills? my service has 30% off currently for the remainder of this week I have 1063+ feedback on my old profile and current on this
  8. Hey there, it could of been paid via e-cheque Best to double check it wasn't, if it was then there is a few wait day period if not then i'm sure @Gunman or @Space can help
  9. And then there's me doing weird things like catching implings on a regular account XD
  10. Hi there, what's it saying exactly? By closed, you mean your PP account was closed or? If you're having trouble you can buy a voucher here - https://osbot.org/forum/forum/227-vouchers/
  11. No problem if you need anything else feel free to just pm me on discord, we have a ironman sale going on for another week or so atm! (15% off ironmen+PVM)
  12. Dbuffed

    Time to go

    Cya Fury, was a pleasure being able to work with you in the past. I hope to see you do bigger and better
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