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  1. I never got back on lmao - guess ill have to buy it now to try it.. FRICK lol
  2. May I get a trial please?
  3. RawrChad

    Explv's Walker

    Hey in mirror mode with new hardware and mouse it gets webwalking fails. Would like to note. Other than that, been using it for ages.
  4. Are you still allowing testers? I would love to give it a try/buy as I am a fan of your scripts. I use your quester all the time.
  5. Hey I have noticed throughout using the script, the mouse will follow an npc kind of what seems to be suspicious in my eye. if it is moving around it kinda drags with the npc then click. If that drag was cut into 3/4's i feel it would be less umm weird looking. Other than that great script have used it obviously for a long time. gotten 2 accounts in the low 90s str def attk
  6. Do you offer trials for this?
  7. Okay reject I already talked to him, its not your thread. Get your little JavaScript kiddie ass out of here lmao
  8. I have been in and out of the hospital having surgeries, sorry for the delay. I am back home and will provide BOGO for you sir.
  9. RawrChad

    Stealth Quester

    idk what was going on i was trying on my pc worked for a little bit then stopped, i kept restarting it and the client nothing. then i try my vps and boom it works? im sorry
  10. RawrChad

    Stealth Quester

    every time i buy its broken
  11. RawrChad

    New to botting

    Proxies are your best friend to avoid chain bans to your main. Proxy over vps imo Dbolter and I both sell proxies (residential and non)
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