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  1. am looking for PREMADE bird house ready accounts please let me know what you have. trusted user prefered. am willing to work with trusted account trainer if they will do the training on proxies i provide
  2. i have a 10 hp ironman obby mauler if interested
  3. wondering if there is any rs account generator around that can be linked to 2capthca or such register accounts in bulk? perferably one that can verify emails but not required tia.
  4. Looking for accounts that are set up to do birdhouses and herb runs will be used with stealth passive gold farmer so what ever is best for that is ideal let me know what you have. willing to do business with newer members if the price reflects as such. edit: birdhouses not boxes weeds a dangerous drug lol.
  5. if you are running multiple accounts on one vps with mirror mode and use proxfier are you able to designate individual proxies per client or would all clients on vps have to run one proxy?
  6. Mail.ru accounts available for .02 usd each and verified discord accounts available for .10 usd each. Parsing and advertising services also available. All accounts are created no cracked no black hat requests will be fufiled!
  7. I pmd you my guy if you’re still interested other wise still looking for a price check
  8. I wouldn’t be able to give you a fair estimate but personally to buy an account like this I’d want the seller to be a very trusted person but with out any other stats or anything I’d think it would be like 100 150m maybe? There’s definitely someone who would pay more tho I’d think maybe try to go for a pet or fire cape or something on it to make it a bit more unique
  9. has 70 base stats except combat and slayer
  10. i have 10hp 55 magic accs available 3 m each
  11. i can do these if in a large quantity (200+) a week
  12. i can do these for 2m each 150k i can do one with just tut done but if thats all you got you show use it else wise
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