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  1. Thison

    Monki Bank Seller

    I will add cli support yes.
  2. Howdy! Startup GUI: Logo made by myself!! This is Monki Bank Seller Literally all it does it sell your (entire) bank. - On startup you will have to select what bank tabs you'd like to sell. - It will walk to the Grand Exchange, get the right items out of your bank, and start selling them!! - It will ignore untradable, members (if you're not in a members world), and restricted items if your account is brand new! x~x~ Available on the SDN ~x~x
  3. Thison

    RuneLite Plugin

    Nevermind, fixed this by deleting and re-pasting the class...
  4. Thison

    RuneLite Plugin

    Dear, So I started making my own RuneLite plugin as I couldn't find a suitable plugin for what I wanted, but it somehow does not work. In attachment you'll find my error, even though the error doesn't help a lot. Replying here would suffice,
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