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  1. 99/99/99 & 99 hp achieved. Two levels to go til 99 prayer. Got screenshots to prove it.

  2. Finally maxing boys. Knew this day would come 💯

  3. Can I get a free trial? Just for one day
  4. I'm not having any problems, this post was for the other people who complained about it banking then stopping.
  5. Have to say I am pretty happy once I purchased VIP membership ban rates have dropped to 0%. Can anyone else relate? Or is it just me?

  6. Anyone having problems with the script stopping after it banks the items bought at the GE need to look up which quests to do in order, also check to see if you have all the requirements for the quest such as stats. I've been nailing the quest points doing the quests in proper order. 84 quest points in 2 days.
  7. Was skeptical at first but this bot has done more than proved itself. 42 QPs in just one day. Grand exchange friendly & it's fast!!! Thank you Token for this brilliant script.
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