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  1. im stil looking for this also an undead druid requirement (salve amulet (e), ect) is that a script you would do?
  2. sweet! ive been looking for a seed box script !! how do i download?
  3. i would be interested in this script if you got it back up and running again
  4. sweet guide! i assume this is for maxing an account to play on and not sell correct?
  5. im looking for a quote on a spidine requirement script (non skill) ardougne cloak tp, double egg req
  6. im looking for a quote on a undead druid non skill requirement script (salve amulet (e), lair of tarn razorlor, haunted mine)
  7. How much would an undead druid requirement script be (quests (that are not on stealth quester), any achievement non-skill requirements) same question w/ spidine reqs
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