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  1. Hello can you help me setup f2a plz?

  2. What i... what if we use 420, 69, 5318008?!
  3. Found a 12K USD scam on Sythe. I'd post link but someone is on my ass about them. EZ Google though.
  4. Online and buying RS07 gold with Bitcoin & PayPal! We pay all fees! Contact Us: Click here to message on Forums (We keep our notifications on, will reply quickly if we are online!) Discord: YoHoJo#4756
  5. Online and selling OSBot vouchers for Runescape Gold & Bitcoin!Click here to Private Message me and order up! Discord: YoHoJo#4756
  6. This should help getting you started down a rabbit hole of research: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_intelligence_in_video_games#In_modern_video_games
  7. I do this http://osbot.org/forum/topic/16502-47-feedbackselling-osbot-gift-vouchers-for-rs07gp-vipsponsorscripts/
  8. Contact Us:Click here to message on Forums(We keep our notifications on, will reply quickly if we are online!) Discord: YoHoJo#4756
  9. Getting banned after doing common tasks, like tutorial island or getting 7 quest points, on a datacenter proxy often leads to locks. You can follow the unlock process to unlock, and keep botting like normal. You can try a bunch of different proxy/VPS providers in attempts to find some that this happens less on. Or just automate/deal with unlocking. gl
  10. If it's worth botting, it'll be created. Chill out you leecher!
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