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    My interests? Hmmmm... programming & enjoying life of course...

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  1. Can you please add me on skype? name: azdine0486181599


  2. Reinstall Java try that man or try to find the Osbot file right click it and select: Open with and select Java
  3. hello khaleesi can i pleas have an trial for this script i'm thinking of buying this script maybe
  4. Hello czar can i pleas have an trial for this script?
  5. Ow how long do you think it will take sir?
  6. Hello, i might buy this script can i pleas check it out and have a free trial for 24h ? Thanks alot !
  7. Can i pleas have a trail ! For 24h
  8. Can i pleas get a Trial for this? i'm considering buying it maybe i first wanna have a quick try out
  9. Nice scripter! 

    1. Czar


      thanks man, really appreciate the niceness :) 

  10. Hi Czar i had a trail for you're agility it was amazing ! can i pleas checkout the thieving script for 24h? thanks !!
  11. It's a good script but when i'm out of food and it's trying to run to bank it get stucked at the ladder going upstairs ? then my account is standing still ?
  12. Chilling in the buildingg

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