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  1. Can I trial this? Thanks
  2. juutti

    Stealth NMZ

    May I have a trial please? Thank you
  3. Other stats won't harm
  4. Need this on multiple accounts. I will supply items and membership
  5. is there a way to disable world hops?
  6. juutti

    Stealth Quester

    [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: starting quest: Witchs House; current stage: 0 [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: gear preset: [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: Staff of fire [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: using attack style: FIFTH [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: using spell: Fire Strike [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: using ammo: none [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:20 ip.]: all required runes are in inventory [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:21 ip.]: opening bank [INFO][Bot #1][08/12 11:47:22 ip.]: starting quest: Witchs House; current stage: 0 [INFO][Bot #1][
  7. juutti

    Stealth Quester

    None of the quests work for me, its only opening and closing bank
  8. Hello can I trial your rune sudoku script? Thank you in advance
  9. juutti

    Molly's Thiever

    Can I have trial?
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